Vote Jennifer Callaghan for Oakland Probate Judge Tuesday November 8th!

It has often been said that democracy works best at the local level. Amid the hype and circus atmosphere of the National election it is easy to forget this. Real lives are affected and furthered by dedicated people working on a daily basis, not through media sound bites or zingers.

Attorney Jennifer Callaghan is running this November as a candidate for the Oakland County Probate Court seat being vacated by the Hon. Elizabeth Pezzetti, and Jennifer has the probate and other legal experience to successfully pick up where Judge Pezzetti will leave off. If Oakland County is your county, this is your election

I have known Jennifer for many years in the probate court and community in which I practice. She is qualified and ready for the position, and she is an honest, hardworking attorney and a good person.

In an interview with attorney and media personality Henry Gornbein, Ms. Callaghan’s depth of knowledge is evident:


In the words of veteran probate practitioner Julie Pfitzenmaier Cotant:

In the midst of the federal election nonsense, here’s a great candidate for you to consider for Oakland County Probate Court. Jennifer Callaghan practices day in, day out in the probate court and she has the support of both parties, other probate practitioners, and judges alike. I cannot overstate the value of having a probate judge with previous probate court experience. Probate court judges stand to have much more impact over your life or that of a loved one than the President. Check her out.

But maybe it is simply best to review the candidate’s concise mission statement, in her own words:

Dear Neighbor,


There are no criminal trials in Probate Court. It’s the place where estates are settled, guardians are appointed, and people who are facing family crises seek relief. A Judge of Probate Court is a different kind of judge, and not just anyone can do the job well.

I’ve devoted my career to the vulnerable people who come to Probate Court each day – the disabled, seniors, people who are ill and people who have lost a loved one. I’m proud to have chosen such a career, and it has prepared me to be a great Probate Judge. Please read my brief biography, included in this website. I believe you’ll agree that I’ve earned your vote for this important job. I hope I’ll have that vote on November 8th.




The election is only days away, so when you vote,



Oakland County Probate Judge

this November 8th!

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