Attorney Roth Elected to OMC Board of Trustees

Attorney Gregory J. Roth is pleased to announce that he has been elected to the Oakland Mediation Center (OMC) Board of Trustees, which carries three, three-year terms. Mr. Roth joins notable attorneys including former Oakland County Probate Court Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti, Laurel F. McGiffert, Pamela E. Sawhney, and David Baumhart, as well as a team of individuals of varied and diversified backgrounds. The Board is actively involved with the new and energetic executive leadership of Charity Burke, MaDR.

Oakland Mediation Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. has served the Oakland County community and the State of Michigan for 27 years in providing affordable conflict resolution and education services helping members, families, businesses, courts and schools to resolve conflict. OMC is an apolitical, non-profit, volunteer based Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) center whose volunteers represent and serve the community. RL

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