COVID-19 Information and Policies

At Roth Law, we take COVID-19 seriously. Much of our work deals with the elderly and vulnerable in our communities. Therefore, in accordance with CDC guidelines and state and local laws, rules, and regulations, we have adopted the following policies to be changed or replaced as necessary:

  • All in-person meetings at the office are indefinitely suspended unless absolutely necessary, and then are held only by appointment. Examples of meetings deemed absolutely necessary are those for the signing and witnessing of estate planning documents.
  • Masks are worn in public areas of the building and are required for all in-person meetings. Any person choosing to not wear a mask at an in-person meeting will be asked to leave, and the meeting will be immediately concluded. You must bring your own masks; we cannot provide them.
  • Social distancing guidelines are to be followed at all times.
  • Where possible, electronic meetings such as Zoom have been and continue to be utilized in place of in-person meetings and even notarization.
  • Our systems are being upgraded to included more modern faxing and electronic document delivery.
  • We are doing our best to keep up with ever-changing court policies at the state, probate, circuit, and district levels while realizing that the shifting nature of the health crisis demands more administrative time in this regard and also causes inevitable delays in the court dockets.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation during these challenging times. Stay safe! RL

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