Now Offering Probate & Estates Mediation Services

Roth Law is pleased to announce that Attorney Gregory J. Roth is now offering his services as a probate & estates mediator. Mr. Roth brings his extensive experience in probate & estates law to the mediation table. As an alternative to often protracted and expensive litigation, mediation can benefit parties to probate & estates disputes.


Since 2001, Mr. Roth has has held a variety of roles in the probate & estates petition and litigation process. In the public sphere, he has been appointed by the probate court as guardian ad litem as well as attorney for incapacitated and protected individuals. He has also served as fiduciary for wards in the probate court, with appointments as guardian, conservator, special conservator, and special fiduciary.

Privately, Mr. Roth has represented family members in protective proceedings as well as decedent and trust administration and litigation matters, whether as petitioners, respondents, fiduciaries, or interested persons. Additionally, Mr. Roth has prosecuted and defended creditor claims against probate estates.

Mr. Roth’s breadth of experience with probate & estates administration and litigation lends itself to effective and balanced mediation in all probate court matters and ensures that all parties will be treated fairly. Adding to nearly fifteen years of concentrated probate experience, Mr. Roth has completed the 40-hour civil mediator training course and is seeking qualification on the Oakland County Probate Mediator and Oakland County Civil Mediator lists.

Mediation referrals are being accepted in the following areas:

Guardianship ● Conservatorship
Decedent Estates
Wills ● Trusts ● Powers of Attorney
(medical, financial, “living will”, HIPAA release)
Settlement Protection (for minors)
Wrongful Death Distribution ● Elder Protection

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