Guardianship and Conservatorship Training, for Free!

So you have been appointed as guardian for an individual or as conservator over their estate (finances). Now what do you do? 

As a fiduciary, you are responsible for the best interests of the ward and for complying with state and local requirements. Doing the wrong thing, or even nothing at all when you have a duty to act, can be detrimental to the ward and can land you in legal trouble. So how do you know what to do, and do it correctly?

Help is often available at your local courthouse.

Many probate courts offer free guardianship and/or conservatorship classes. For the courts that offer it, this basic training is generally encouraged and is sometimes required depending on the case and the judge. Here are some courts that offer free training programs (this list will be periodically updated as information becomes available):

Take the time to look into these or other classes offered at your local county courthouse. Although not a substitute for personalized legal advice from a qualified attorney, these programs are a good starting point for questions and concerns about serving as a guardian or conservator. Both you and your ward will benefit. GJR

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